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The speed of a PC powered by an
AMD Ryzen™ processor and the power
efficiency you get with Windows 11
creates perfect harmony.

Windows 11 PCs powered by AMD Ryzen™ Processors

Stunning graphics. Incredible performance while running cool and quiet. Hyper-efficient battery-life1. Meet the Windows 11 PC powered by AMD Ryzen™ Processors. Get all this and more on PCs powered by AMD Ryzen™ processors, designed to accelerate Windows 11 for better experiences.

A New Level of

Waiting is a thing of the past with
up to 8 ultra-fast cores that speed
up rendering and encoding tasks.

No Charger,
No Problem

Keep your creativity going at
home or on the go with
hyper-efficient battery life.

A Powerful
Work of Art

Upgrade to a high-performing
laptop as beautiful as what
you create on it.

Shop AMD Ryzen™ Processors + Windows 11

Spend Your Time
on Your Terms

Whether you’re editing 4K footage or
crafting a complex design, save time with
incredibly fast performance.

Create and multitask like a pro with the
latest Windows 11 features like voice typing
and support for digital pen. Take advantage
of new Microsoft apps including Snap
Assist and Desktop Groups to maximize
your productivity.

Take Your
Inspiration Anywhere

Turn pixels into works of art on a PC
powered by an AMD Ryzen™ processor, and
keep your creations protected with new
security safeguards enabled by Windows 11.

A Beautiful Powerhouse

You don’t have to sacrifice performance for
beauty to enjoy a light, sleek, and elegantly
crafted PC. AMD Ryzen™ processors with the new
Windows 11 operating system are designed to
improve performance in video, presentation, and
teleconferencing apps, all while prioritizing power
efficiency while unplugged.