1.   Octagon Computer Superstore warrants this product / unit under normal use to be free from any defective materials or workmanship within the specified warranty period. Should the product / unit requires servicing, during the warranty, Octagon Computer Superstore will repair or replace any defective parts free of charge subject to the terms and conditions applied herein. Products with warranty card shall be brought to the authorized service center specified in the warranty card.

2.   Date of original purchase should be properly indicated in the warranty card. After the warranty period, Octagon Computer Superstore, will bill you the cost of all service calls, labor and replacement parts.

3.   The proof of purchase must be presented whenever the product / unit require servicing within the warranty period.

4.   The warranty becomes null and void if the warranty sticker is tampered or missing, or if the unit is serviced by an authorized service center or third person.

5.   Warranty service will be provided only for carry-in units to the store or to any authorized service center. Warranty service does not cover home / outside service.

6.   This warranty does not cover any damage due to accident, transport, misuse, tampering, mishandling, negligence, natural disaster, pest infestation, defects / malfunctions caused by viruses and software incompatibility, use of the product in voltages other than designated, or where the unit has been installed, maintained or operated not in accordance with the instruction manual.

7.   This warranty does not cover any casing, knobs, labels and other external parts, accessories (adaptors, plug adaptors, printer cables, detachable trays, feeders and covers) and consumables ink tanks, ink cartridges, printer heads, refills, print media and CD recordable disks.

8.   For printer that has been found using refillable inks, injectable inks and continues ink System (CIS) will automatically void the warranty.

9.   Octagon Computer Superstore does not repair, restore, or install any pirated software even the unit is under warranty.

10.   Octagon Computer Superstore does not provide service unit whenever the product / unit requires servicing within the warranty period.

11.   If necessary, back up all your valuable files before bringing in your unit, Octagon Computer Superstore will not be liable to any loss of data or files in your computer.

12.   Any repair modification unauthorized by Octagon Computer Superstore will invalidate this warranty.

13.   Freight cost in case where product / unit has to be shipped back to customer will be for the account of the customer.

14.   For out of warranty product / unit, corresponding service fee (labor and parts) will be charged to the customer accordingly.