Octagon started out as a small computer shop in davao city Philippines. Establish in1982, the shop offered compatible desktop computers,peripherals, and accessories.

Into its 10th year of business operations, octagon decided to expand by going into the distribution business. From 1991-2002, octagon was awarded exclusive distributorships of international IT brands such as acer,Logitech,merlin gerin, and canon. It catered to a number of Philippine IT reseller partners and nurtured a professional and harmonious working relationship with them.

In 1997, a joint venture between acer and octagon was established. Recognizing octagon’s strength and work ethic, the partnership yielded acer’s brand dominance in the domestic PC retail space.

Reverting to its IT retail roots, octagon set up its first computer superstore in 1999, covering an area of 3,500 sq.m of prime mall space , it was touted as the first and biggest of its kind in the Philippine IT industry. Despite setting the trend with the early adaption of the superstore format, market acceptance was weak. The operation of this pioneer  superstore came  to a half after two and a half years.

The Asian financial crisis of 1997 had a serious negative impact on the economy. Although its effects were not immediately felt, it slowly compounded until reaching critical mass in 2002. Octagon decided to retract from the distribution business in order to streamline operations and recoup resources for realignment of the company’s direction.

Management regrouped and redirected its efforts towards retail business development. New branches were set-up in metro manila as well as other major cities and provinces in the Philippines  such as cebu and davao. During that crucial time, octagon recognized the rising demand for IT products in the country. Seizing the opportunity and utilizing its knowledge and experience, octagon embarked on a geographical expansion project that resulted in the opening of  60 new branches within a period of 18 months.

To date, octagon has over 150 retail store serving the IT needs of the Philippine masses. It continuously searches for new locations where potentials can be  explored. Indeed the tagline “Nationwide Reach, Nationwide Service” is not a mere catchphrase. It embodies the principle with which octagon is established and constantly undertaking.